A School Choice Is Made

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Horace Spencer III is only 14 years old and entering high school in September, but; in the midst of some legislators jockeying to enact “school choice” through unproven voucher programs and rapid expansion of charter schools, Horace had an important school choice of his own. Horace is already 6’8” tall, wears a size 17 sneaker. He is ranked #2 in the nation among incoming freshmen in the class of 2015. Despite several options and offers from private and parochial schools, Horace chose to attend William Tennent High School, his neighborhood public school.


Coach Rick Barrett has been a strong supporter of public education over his 27 years coaching many standout players. Horace Spencer, Jr. wants to be sure his son has something other than basketball in his life, even though he likes Horace III’s prospects to reach the NBA. Mr. Spencer knows anything can happen over the next eight years and wants a strong foundation in learning as a backup.

School Director and KeySEC Co-Chair, Mark B Miller, explained how he met with the student, father and coach to make sure they are comfortable the District will be able to adapt to meet the special needs of an athlete with Horace III’s potential just as it would any other student in the community.

Miller stated “Our District has a self-imposed commitment to help each student reach their full potential in Academics, Athletics and The Arts. Private and Parochial Schools cannot always follow this mandate and are much more selective in providing for students with disabilities, learning problems, or other Special Needs. Horace is performing well. We intend to keep it that way.”


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