Gallup Poll Flawed by Poisoned Sample

A Gallup poll recently released by CBS gives the appearance that public schools lag behind all other institutions of learning. However, 75% of the respondents to the poll do not have children in any school. “Of the 1,012 surveyed, 236 said they were parents of a child who will be attending school in grades K through 12 this school year.” No doubt most of the responders’ opinions are influenced by the millions of dollars spent by special interest groups, mainly the operators of Charter/Cyber Charter Schools themselves to imply their schools are the pinnacle of the education pyramid.  

The EMO’s and Charter/Cyber Charter owners spend millions of dollars (a fraction of their profits) each year advertising and lobbying for the support of those who have no stake in public education (now). The respondents to the Gallup study are not looking ahead to the day when they will have to be providing all kinds of welfare benefits (or incarceration) to the students who attend low performing schools.

Here are some other sources of research to help you balance your take on the place of public education when compared to charter/cyber charter education. 

The only remaining question  is who should be paying for education in non-public schools. Vouchers are not the correct answer, but; that is a blog for another day.  (HINT)

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