Diane Ravitch announces Mark B Miller named to NPE Board

Diane Ravitch announces four new members to the Board of Directors of advocacy group The Network for Public Education.

Network for Public Education (http://www.networkforpubliceducation.org) President, Diane Ravitch, along with co-founder, Anthony Cody, announced today, the addition of Mark B Miller, among four new members to the Board of Directors. NPE is a national organization built with the most highly qualified leaders in the struggle to protect public education from privatization and special interest groups counter to the best interests of all children. By creating alliances with grassroots groups across the country, NPE leverages the strength of numbers to bring about positive change to the nation’s education landscape.

Known to oppose high-stakes testing; privatization of public education; mass school closures to save money or to facilitate privatization; demonization of teachers; lowering of standards for the education profession; for-profit management of schools, NPE supports many ideals in free and appropriate public education.

NPE supports schools that offer a full and rich curriculum for all children, including the arts, physical education, history, civics, foreign languages, literature, mathematics, and the sciences, subject to democratic control by members of their community, and providing for equitable funding of schools, with extra resources for those students with the greatest needs.

NPE supports early childhood education, high standards of professionalism for teachers, principals, and superintendents, wraparound services for children, assessments that are used to support children and teachers (not to punish or stigmatize them or to hand out monetary rewards) and; parent involvement in decisions about their children.

The new members of the NPE Board share Ravitch’s commitment to leadership and quality education, bringing individual talents to compliment the entire team of professionals. Visit http://networkforpubliceducation.org for more information.

Director: Mark B. Miller

mark-imgMark B. Miller is an elected school director in Centennial School District, Co-Chair of Keystone State Education Coalition and Vice President of Pennsylvania School Boards Association. Mark serves as Chairperson of PSBA’s Legislative Platform Committee and PSBA’s Career and Technical Education Task Force. Mark constantly stands up for public education at all levels. His advocacy carries over to Keystone State Education Coalition, a grassroots organization reaching more than 2,500 Pennsylvania education stakeholders every day. At the national level, Mark has spent the last five years supporting National School Boards Association as a delegate to the Federal Relations Network since 2009.

Asked about her new Board of Directors potential, NPE President Diane Ravitch said “There is power in our numbers, together we will save our schools.”

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