House Education Committee Gathers Assessment Information

In a welcome move, PA House Education Chairs (Rep Stan Saylor and Rep James Roebuck) held a hearing yesterday to collect input from educators, administrators and school board members before looking at proposed legislation to curtail the numerous problems and onerous burden on students, professional staffs and district budgets. The testimony was well received. About the only item not enumerated was the true cost of the high stakes tests as PDE placed the cost at roughly $30 Million. That figure is only the cost to the Commonwealth, while the cost to school districts to comply with the mandates is much higher. Centennial School District spends $675,000/year while School District of Philadelphia puts the cost at $65,000,000. As 2014 came to a close, Philadelphia City Council passed a resolution 17-0 requesting SDoP to “Opt Out”¬†of high stakes tests. Rep Bernie O’Neill (a former Special Education teacher from Centennial SD) was the first to target a major flaw by asking why a special needs student who never took Algebra should be required to pass the Algebra Keystone Exam as a prerequisite for … Continue reading

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