If I Were (PSBA) President….

…. I would look to secure our future by advocating for even greater member participation in PSBA and on Capitol Hill. As a recipient of the Timothy M Allwein Award, I have proven my ability at the legislative level. That is not why I write today. Now that the polls are open, people are asking me what I stand for and why I am the better candidate. That is a fair question. I have been an active PSBA Leader for seven (7) years and like to feel I’ve made some valuable contributions. However, several people have been leaders for twice that span, and they have been the heart and soul of the organization. Collectively, we have been carrying the torch together with the help of Past Presidents like Roberta Marcus and Marianne Neel to guide us. Three years ago, PSBA went through a governance review process, bringing about many positive changes that were long overdue. I supported their work. As an Officer of PSBA in 2012 and 2013, I carried part of the weight of seeing these changes through while … Continue reading

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