PA House Finance Chm Bernie O’Neill Proposes Writing Special Ed Funding Formula Into PA School Code

Thirty months after Gov Corbett signed PA Act 3 into law on the stage of William Tennent High School in Centennial School District, PA House Finance Chair Bernie O’Neill is still trying to fix the broken process by which public school districts pay charter school operators for the special education services they claim to provide. This is not new territory for Chm O’Neill, himself a former special education teacher at WTHS. He’s been fighting this up(capitol)hill battle for more than a decade. Spearheaded by Representative O’Neill and Senator Pat Browne, the Special Education Funding Commission authorized by Act 3 of 2013, brought forth a new formula that was fair to both public school districts and charter school operators. HB2138 was overwhelmingly approved in the House. Unfortunately, when the Senate approved the bill, it was weighted down by a seventeen year phase in period to take the wind out of its sails. Now Rep O’Neill is pushing to have the Special Education Funding Formula written into the PA School Code. I think that is a great idea, as long as it … Continue reading

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