Charter Deform Made its Way to PA House Floor Today

Having spent more than five years as an Officer and Governing Board Member of Pennsylvania School Boards Association I have seen a lot of garbage come out of the Capitol Building (a lot of good things, too). What I saw today has forced me to dust off a Blog I have not used in more than two years. Let me be perfectly clear, everything that follows in this post is my personal opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinion(s) of Centennial School District, PSBA, nor any other organization with which I am affiliated. The one constant in each of these years has been watching another attempt to cement the largess of Charter and Cyber Charter operators and management companies. Every dollar that goes to unjustly enrich an EMO is money that would be better spent in the classroom. How much more of our taxpayer’s money are we going to flush away paying exorbitant rentals and fees to insiders and family members operating Charter Schools? My own school district served as host when Governor Corbett signed ACT 3 of 2013 … Continue reading

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