About Me.

I have been a community member living in Centennial School District since 1984, residing in Warminster until 2005 and then moving to Southampton, where I currently reside. I have represented Southampton as one of its three Region One School Directors since 2007, but; I do my very best to represent the interest of all Centennial School District residents at all times. I have never missed a meeting of the Board of School Directors and always study every issue. I have also attended almost every committee meeting (even if I am not a member of the committee holding a particular meeting). Of the few meetings I have missed, half were to attend to other business of Centennial School District. My family and I care deeply for the District and all its participants. You will find me supporting as many events as possible, sometimes as many as one or two per day. I make myself available for any community member and make it my practice to respond to every inquiry the same day, whenever possible. While I attended Central High School (in … Continue reading

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